Tablet POS register is perfect for serving, receiving payment, and stock control.

EC-Orange POS

Case example of EC-Orange POS installation

Innovative “Future of Retail” developed in Taiwan

“Junkudo” Bookstore

Showing where retail business is headed in the future


Currency conversion from JPY-NTD
Reads barcode of books and magazines
Handles both taxed/tax free products
Membership program
Corresponds to the main cash register

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Problems solved by EC-Orange

Customer analysis, sales analysis
Solution 01
Allows for accurate analysis

Information of all stores can be centrally managed and analyze correctly.

Registering and editing of the product master
Solution 02
Centralized management at headquarters

The product information can be centrally managed at HQ.

Sharing of customer information
Solution 03
The centralized management of customer information

Client data is centrally managed to improve customer service quality.


Incorrect total up using receipt

No more mistakes with online total up

Data can be leaked by losing important documents

Data is stored safely in digital format

Orange POS is popular amongst companies who are operating multi-store business

Using tablet for POS register function

※Corresponds to iPad or Windows 8

Orange POS is a next generation POS system with POS register function installed in smart tablets. Using smart devices such as Apple’s iPad or Windows8 tablets, this system provides solution to the POS register operation.

You can check product information, stock level, and client information etc on the spot, so you don’t have to keep your customers wait and also payment can be made straight away. This POS system is small and light therefore suitable not only for store in general but also outside the store such as events or door-knocking sales.

There are many useful functions such as making payment, viewing stock/client information, promotional function, sales analysis, and customer relationship management. Both online sales and brick and mortar sales are centrally managed and manual stock control is no longer necessary. It enables you to plan various sales promotions by encouraging online customers to visit actual shop and vice versa, conducting promotional activity by utilizing client information and purchase history.

Tablet helps you to provide better quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Orange POS provides the solution to centrally manage the client data of each store.

As you serve customers at the store, it enables you to enter client information or write a memo to provide better quality customer service. You can also quickly view service information from other stores, answer to online survey, and the history of sending mail magazine to the customer.

Kitchen printer
Barcode reader

Comparison to other products

Orange POSTraditional POS system Normal tablet POS register
Installation cost
Allows you to start with minimum budget as you can select flexible combination of soft/hardware depending on the size of store and the style of operation.
Installation cost
Both soft/hardware are expensive and impractical and you will need to spend large amount each time they are installed for new stores.
Installation cost

Like ASP version, installation cost is low/not required. You simply need to download from AppStore to the device.

Many functions available including making payment, viewing stock/client information, promotional function, sales analysis, and CRM.
While there are store management / administration functions available such as ordering and attendance management, there could be many unnecessary functions as well.
It is specialized for making payment therefore only limited functions are available.
Tablet allows you to operate intuitively. You can create the setting to suit each store’s own operational flow.
Staff may be used to the similar system amongst different brands but there is not much flexibility when operating.
While it enables to operate intuitively with tablet, it is not well designed for administration tasks (e.g. registering products)
Along with own additional functions, it can be used for large scale business as well as collaborating with basic system or other brand’s apps. Customizing is relatively easy.
Basically, it is difficult and very expensive to customize in your own way.
It is difficult to customize with ASP version and not suitable for multi store operation where processing of large data is required.

Other advantages of tablet system

  1. Reducing cost
  2. Many management functions
  3. Analyzing functions
  4. Using as promotional tool
  1. Mobile and tidy
  2. Simple enough for part-timers to use
  3. Corresponds to EC site
  4. Easy to add functions

Industry use image.

Left background










Right background

Because you can register the products with category and name, it is suitable to use for various businesses with different scales such as café, restaurant, pub, and apparel.

You get flexibility to determine what devices (e.g. cash drawer) to install depending on the size of the store. Using iPad allows staff to visit customer’s table for making payment.


The transaction can be separated into “Eat in” and “Takeaway”

Systemizing the total up saves you lots of time


Sales in each department as well as each weather condition and time period can be analyzed, too.

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