Case example

Tablet POS register installed in Taiwan

Innovative “Future of Retail” developed in Taiwan

“Junkudo” Bookstore shows an example of where retail business is headed

1. How it started

Since Junkudo have been using Windows XP for their cash register system, they were looking for changing into a new system as its user support will end soon.

After considering many cash register systems with various functions, they found that there were always several issues for installation until they came across Orange POS.

Because they wanted to see if this system works well globally as well as in Japan, they decided to install it at their store in Taiwan.

2. What has been customized?

As this Orange POS system was installed overseas, it has 5 special features. Firstly, it has currency conversion system from Japanese yen to Taiwanese dollar (foreign exchange). To switch the currency, you only need to click an icon without typing or calculating.

Secondly, it can handle both taxed/tax free products. Unlike Japan where the consumption tax rate is flat 5%, in Taiwan, some items are taxed and others are tax free depending on each category. There have been icons set up to accommodate this situation and again, all you have to do is to switch between those icons.

It can also use barcode on the products. There is 26-digit code with books and 18 with magazines, and each barcode has unique customized data. The price information is also included in the barcode which means you don’t need to obtain it from the server therefore it is handy to use at any event.

Next feature is to correspond to the “Main Cash Register”. At Junkudo in Taiwan, the store only issues a bill and a customer brings it to the main cash register of the department store to make the payment. So, the system has been customized to be able to print out a bill with barcode which corresponds to the main cash register.

Lastly, it enables to join the membership program very easily. When a customer purchases a product, it searches the database and, in case the customer is unregistered, automatically opens the registration page. Once registered, the membership card is issued with ID code, and you can manage the program simply by scanning the card.

As we see in the case of Junkudo who is already putting the innovative retail management system into practice, there will be a big shift in the style of retail business in the future.

5 customized points made with POS register developed for Taiwan

  1. Currency conversion from JPY-NTD
  2. Reads barcode of books and magazines
  3. Handles both taxed/tax free products
  4. Membership program
  5. Corresponds to the main cash register
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