Utilizing EC-Orange POS for customer service at a storeUtilizing Orange POS for customer service at a store

Using Orange POS for providing better customer service

Anyone can perform high level customer service with a tablet which has Orange POS installed. It allows you to see client information on a tablet while you are serving, for example, the type of hair or favorite hair style.


You can visualize product recommendations with a tablet

You can visualize your product recommendation with a tablet even if the product is not there.

For example, apparel shops can recommend a new product which is yet to arrive at the store or coordination of tops and bottoms. Also, hairdressers can save a hair catalog on a tablet to provide more efficient customer service.


Using a tablet allows you to serve like an experienced professional.

You can keep the client information which can only be obtained through interaction with customers on a tablet. So, new staff at beauty salons can see each client’s hair type and treatment history which helps them to provide high level customer service just like an experienced senior staff. This system allows the whole team to improve their quality of customer service.


You can view all stock available at each store in real time.

When you are asked if there are different sizes or colors available, you can view the stock at all stores straight away. It saves time to go to the storeroom or call other stores so that you don’t have to let customers wait. If the product is available at other store, you can advise customers to go visit the store therefore reduce the chance of having the lost sales.


Customers can complete the shipping request quickly

Using “Orange Gift” which is a sister product of Orange POS helps your customers to complete the transaction and the shipping request smoothly. For example, when a customer bought a large size product (e.g. furniture) and needs it to be delivered to home, they don’t need to fill the shipping details for the second time onwards. Because customers can save time of filling the form, they will more likely be back to purchase another items again next time.


Share the information with a tablet

Staff can share general information such as complaints, gifts received, favorites, or the next appointment, so your customers will receive high level customer service regardless of who serves them.

See “For shopping malls/department stores” next

See “For shopping malls/department stores” next

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