Orange Handy


Less than half the price

New system for taking order with half cost

Cutting cost for both installation and operation

Optimized for restaurant business

Specially designed for hospitality business

Takes only 2 taps for main functions. Displays the time of entry and table availability.

Summary and analysis

Business analysis with collected data

Utilizing Orange POS allows you to analyze for increasing the turnover.

What is Order Entry System “Orange Handy”?

Orange Handy is an Order Entry System (OES) using iPad mini and designed for hospitality business. Many of its functions are specially designed for taking orders in restaurant/bar. Taking order with Orange Handy and sending to the kitchen is very easy. Also it allows you to see the table availability, the time of customer’s entry, and check delivered/undelivered orders with efficiency.

Orange Handy
Order entry system

Use right hand for choosing category and
left hand for tapping the order.

Every process is done within 2 taps

To see the order summary,
just drag the screen

Display’s layout is clear and simple

Less than half the price

Cutting the cost of installing Handy Device (handy terminal) for more than half

It used to cost 70,000-200,000 yen to install Handy Device (handy terminal) but now it is half cost

Unlike traditional OES that use their own hard/soft wares, this uses Apple’s iPad mini as Handy Device (handy terminal) so not only does it cut the installation cost, but it also enables to save the operational cost as well. It allows you to install/operate with 20-50% of cost comparing to traditional OES. Because you are using iPad mini, you will not need the hardware for charging battery and other equipments. You can use it just like normal iPad mini!!!

Realized in the iPad mini

Here is the difference between traditional OES, normal OES that uses iPhone/iPod touch, and “Orange Handy”

Orange Handy Traditional handy terminal Normal OES that uses iPhone/iPod touch
Orange Handy
handy terminal
Not too light (308g for Wi-Fi version) and perfect size for easy operation. Well balanced device with big screen for high visibility.
Foldable and easy to put in the pocket of apron. Operated by dry cell battery therefore heavier.
Very mobile but small screen means limited menu display. Also too light and easier to drop.
Installation cost
iPad mini costs about half the price of iPhone and 20% of specially designed devices. Easy to replace when damaged unexpectedly.
Installation cost
Both soft/hardware are very costly. Requires high budget each time new shop is opened and maintenance fee is expensive, too.
Installation cost
ASP version doesn’t require installation cost or is cheaper to install. Installation is generally quick as you only need to install from AppStore.
Easy to manage the floor

Easy to manage the floor

Specially designed functions for taking order at hospitality establishments

Its functions are specifically designed for taking order at hospitality establishments. You can see if the order is delivered/undelivered or how long each table has been in the house with 5 different colors. It also allows you to see available tables, how many are at each table, and what they are having all in one glance. New staff can also see the floor situation quickly by using iPad mini, and staff can share the information as well. While user friendliness is often missing with other OES, this system is all about “Easy operation”.

order entry system to the iPad mini

Allocating the dockets in the kitchen

Allocating the dockets in the kitchen

Flexible adjustment to each shop and its operational style

When there are several sections in the kitchen or the bar is far from kitchen, you can have an additional printer (optional) to allocate the dockets for more effective operation. It also allows you to print the same docket for both the kitchen and waiters or print drink order and food order separately, therefore enabling flexible adjustment to each operational style.

Example of taking order with “Orange Handy”

Optimization UI / UX

User Interface(UI)/User Experience(UX) are specifically designed for taking order at hospitality establishment.
High visibility and user friendly operation system to avoid human error

Minimizing human errors and operational cost

The big screen of iPad mini is perfect size for displaying the menu. By meticulously developing UI/UX of OES to enable intuitive operation, we have been able to minimize the operational cost so that staff can spend more time on other tasks. It also prevents human error when using OES. To improve the usability of Handy Device (handy terminal) =Touch panel device, we designed the product by focusing on UI/UX (e.g. holding with both hands and touching with thumbs) and promise to keep improving our service through reflecting customers’ opinions on the products.

Prevent operation errors

Summary and analysis

Working with Orange POS---Collecting and analyzing the data for better management

Understanding the popular menus and ASP(average sales price) correctly

Working with Orange POS that uses iPad allows you to add check out function as well as collecting the data to analyze popular menus and ASP, without relying on skills (experience or perception) of staff. It also has high level analysis functions such as RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis or CPM (Customer Portfolio Management) analysis and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) function, so that the shop can understand each customer’s favorite menus as well as what ingredients they don’t like. Our aim is to support the hospitality industry by helping to have access to necessary information for successfully running each business.

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